From heating to cooking we can supply LPG gas to homes and businesses

Our highly experienced, specialist team can deliver gas bottles daily – helping you manage storage and logistics. The Festival Gas service will ensure you always have the power you need, when you need it.

Gas Bottles

We have a wide range of gas bottle sizes, with variations from 13kg up to 47kg. This means we can supply the appropriate bottle for a multitude of uses. You may need gas domestically to homes and holiday parks – for home heating, cooking and BBQs – but it’s also useful on the go: for field kitchens, cooking on the road, caravans and of course myriad uses for businesses and outdoor events.


Off The Grid

If you are in a location without access to mains gas you may have concerns about your gas supply. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. For 25 years we’ve been supplying LPG gas to venues, dwellings and businesses which are off the grid.

Over the years we’ve built an exceptionally experienced team of people committed to helping our communities stay connected. LPG is an energy all rounder. Business use, cooking and heating homes LPG does it all.